How To Get Free Hotel Booking Links In Google

Learn how to utilize Google's free booking links for hotel advertisers with this helpful guide.

How to List Hotel In Google Hotel Direct Link?

This video will explain How List Hotel In Google Hotel Direct Link?
Using google hotel hotel can get commission free booking

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To list you hotel in Google Hotel fill form

You can also book meeting using

Free booking links best practices

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Google’s New ‘Free Hotel Booking Links’ And What They Mean For Hotels

As with any announcement from Google, the launch of free hotel booking links has generated a lot of hype – but what do hotels actually need to know?

Catch up on this conversation between Chief Tease Charlie Osmond and Senior Product Manager Jon Hickford for all the info and implications for hotels.

Add a free booking link to your website on Google Hotel Search

Want to increase your direct bookings for free and pay less commission? Google’s hotel metasearch platform lets you add a free booking link directly to your Cubilis Booking Engine.

Read more about this feature on our blog: