How Google Maps Reviews Are Moderated

Google shares how it weeds out fake or abusive reviews left for local businesses on Google Maps

��How to delete reviews on Google Maps?

How to delete reviews on Google Maps?
How to fight with fake reviews?
Why do you need this knowledge?

Thanks to the profile on Google Maps, local businesses like restaurants, barbers, beauty studios and others get a lot of clients, reservations and profits.

One of the most important factors is reviews, so you need to take care of it.
Your position on Google Maps rankings and how people perceive you depends on them.

Below you will find a short video, where I give instructions on what you should do at the beginning.
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Worse Google Review Ever!!!

Google Reviews are super important for your business! They can totally boost your Google business profile rankings on Google Search and Maps, and help you build a rock-solid online reputation. But, watch out! If you’re not careful Google reviews can also destroy your reputation. Here is one of the worse Google reviews ever! Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes!
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How to EASILY Scrape Google Local Business Reviews Tutorial

How to EASILY Scrape Google Local Business Reviews – This tutorial will show you how to easily scrape local business reviews on Google Maps so that you can analyze them in the future.

First and foremost I want to point out that the tutorial on how to scrape local Google Business reviews is performed on a PC computer utilizing windows and Google Chrome. So what you will need in order to easily scrape local business reviews on Google is you will need a Chrome extension called Instant Data Scraper.

This is a completely free Google Chrome extension that has to be installed. After the installation of the Google Chrome extension scraper you will then need to go to either Google or Google Maps in order to find a business’s reviews that you will want to scrape.

You will need to set up the scraper in order to have a successful scrape. First you will need to set the amount of time that you are delaying the scraper depending on what you’re scraping and how fast you want to scrape it. You will have the ability to export the scraped reviews or information into a CSV file or you can also do it inside of a XLSX file.

If you have any future questions related to how to scrape local business reviews on Google or any other website please feel free to go ahead and ask in the section below where I’m always happy to help.

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How to See My Google Reviews

Learn how to see my google reviews. Reviews are a great way to know more about a place before you go and to let others know about your experience. Google makes this simpler by integrating user reviews with Google Maps.

Sometimes though, experiences change, and you may regret your initial review. You might even want to delete it.

You should be signed in to your account to view or manage your reviews. The steps listed below assume that you are signed in, but if you’re logged in to your account, simply follow the prompts.

You will also be able to see your Google Maps contributions in the contributions section of the Google Maps app on your mobile device or at on your computer. Below, we’ll show you how to access it on both iOS and Android.

Navigate to the Google Maps application and go to the Contribute section at the bottom.

Tap Profile below your name.

The results of your past reviews are listed on this screen.

Click the Menu icon (Google Maps Hamburger Icon) in the upper left corner of a desktop.

Click Your contributions near the bottom of the menu that appears.

Finally, select See all reviews in the Reviews tab. Here, you can review all of your previous exchanges.

How do I Edit or Delete my Reviews? After completing these steps, you can click on the 3 dots to the right of any of your reviews and select Edit review or Delete review.

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