Ecommerce Marketing: The Definitive Guide

This comprehensive guide will teach retailers and marketers on how to create a search-friendly ecommerce website that attracts traffic and sales.

The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Marketing for Online Businesses

In this video, we’ll cover everything you need to know about e-commerce marketing. From identifying your target audience to creating effective marketing campaigns, we’ll walk you through the strategies that successful online businesses use to boost their sales and grow their customer base. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level, this ultimate guide to e-commerce marketing is for you.

The Complete Guide to Marketing for Ecommerce Skincare Brands

In this video, you’ll learn several best practices for marketing an ecommerce skincare brand. Here at Metacake, we support many skincare companies that are thriving in the ecommerce space. This discussion is an inside look at what’s working, how to improve your marketing, and why these tips can really make a difference.

Before we get into anything else, it’s important to identify what the customer is really buying. They’re buying more than a product— they’re buying the desired result and the confidence that will give them. Be sure to always sell with the end result in mind!

Additional best practices we’ll discuss include:

– Niche down (what’s your brand’s unique take on skincare?)
– Specialize (get specific)
– Identify your customer avatars and speak directly to them
– Dial-in your brand story
– Refine and improve your products
– Gather customer reviews (and use everywhere possible)
– Use great imagery
– Consider going contrary to what everyone else is doing
– Leverage local professionals, influencers, and affiliates

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Mastermind | A Definitive Guide to Email Marketing for eCommerce

Now that Black Friday Cyber Monday has come to an end we’ve heard your feedback and want to continue to deliver marketing education at a high level!

In today’s session we’re going deep on Email Marketing as it relates to eCommerce. Make the most of your Remarketing campaigns!

Ecommerce Growth Equation

Despite its complexity, scaling your brand comes down to one equation. Four metrics built around your business.

We call it the Ecommerce Growth Equation: (Visitors x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value) – Variable Costs = $ Profit

That equation is why we structure our client relationships differently.

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