5 Common Local SEO KPIs And How To Measure Them

Understanding which Local SEO KPIs matter and how to measure them is essential for meaningful performance reporting. See the top 5 here.

5 Fundamental Sales KPIs you Need to Track

David Marincic walks through the 5 most important KPIs that every sales manager should be tracking.

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SEO Metrics – Important SEO Metric to track | SEO Tutorial

SEO Metrics – Important SEO Metric to track | SEO Tutorial
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In this video, We are explaining about SEO Metrics – Important SEO Metric to track | SEO Tutorial
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Is your SEO working? 7 KPIs you Need to Track in 2022

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So if you want to know if your SEO is working, there are some KPIs you need to track to ensure your website has the best chance of ranking on Google. Watch this video to learn how to measure your SEO!

After watching this video, jump over to https://youtu.be/549F0qiYuWs where I will tell you how to fix KPI #7.

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00:00 Introduction
00:32 KPI #1 – Keyword Rankings
01:40 KPI #2 – Organic Traffic
02:47 KPI #3 – Organic CTR
04:19 KPI #4 – Organic Conversions
05:42 KPI #5 – On-Page Score
06:42 KPI #6 – PageSpeed Insights
07:27 KPI #7 – GSC Excluded Pages

SEO For Beginners: How To Measure Your SEO Performance

In Part 7 of our video series, “SEO for Beginners” we show you how to measure your SEO performance. We discuss the importance of KPIs such as organic traffic, keywords ranking, click-through rates, backlink profile, pages per visit, bounce rate, scroll depth, and more.

00:00 Introduction
0:40 Measuring your SEO Performance
1:04 Common SEO Struggles
1:38 Setting KPIs
2:07 Important Factors for Your SEO Campaign
2:19 Organic Traffic
3:28 Keywords Ranking
4:32 Click-Through Rate
5:34 Backlinks
6:13 Bounce Rate
7:07 Pages Per Visit
7:39 Scroll Depth
8:15 Important Considerations

After learning the basics of search engine optimization, you can now manage your SEO campaigns and measure your performance against important benchmarks. In this video, we start off by showing you how to measure your organic traffic. Google Analytics will be super-helpful here. Simply go to Audience / Overview /Add Segment / Organic Traffic and select a suitable time period view your organic traffic for the period and see how you’ve performed.

To track your keywords ranking performance, we recommend using Ahrefs rank tracker feature. This will give you super-useful information like your current position, your average position over a particular period, visibility, and so on.

You’d also want to measure your website’s click-through rate. To measure your CTR, simply open the Search Traffic feature in your Google Search Console. Then select search analytics and choose clicks, impressions, and their ranks. However, your CTR only gives you a limited picture. You’d also want to combine it with metrics like conversion rates to see how many of those clicks were actually valuable for you.

We then move on to assessing your backlink profile. Tools like Ahrefs can help you out here, as they’ll give you a comprehensive picture with data like the Domain Rating of the linking websites, traffic, number of keywords, anchor texts and more. Keep monitoring your backlinks profile periodically to see how it is performing in relation to your competitors and make improvements accordingly.

Bounce rate is another metric that you need to measure. You can simply head on over to Google Analytics to view your website’s overall bounce rate and page-by-page bounce rate.

Another metric to consider is the scroll depth for each page. This measures the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, sending a Google Analytics Event for each one. It’s important to know if they are reaching the business end of your content or not. If not, try and use different multimedia or contact forms to push the most important content higher up on your page. You can use Google Analytics to set up scroll depth tracking.

We wrap up this video by sharing a few helpful tips on how to prove the value of SEO to your clients or senior management. Remember, a well-managed SEO campaign can bring in great results and is one of the most cost-effective ways of driving results for a business in the long run.

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