3 Ways Social Proof Boosts Customer Acquisition & ROI

Here are three important ways social proof can help ecommerce brands acquire more customers and lower your marketing costs.

SOCIAL PROOF: What It Is and How to Get It

Social proof is a MUST if you want to market your business online. From testimonials to Google reviews, let’s discuss the different forms of social proof you can use to build your online business!

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How to Add a Business to Google Maps Without an Address

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Want to 3x your website’s conversion rate — and 3x your customer base as a result? There’s no substitute for good solid social proof! In this video, I’ll show you some really clever ways to add that important content that lets your current customers and experience do the talking for you. When you do it right, future customers will feel much more comfortable and confident working with you, because they’ll know others have successfully gone before them.

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Building Business Credit Means Building Partnerships – Episode #276 w/ Herman Dolce

Do you need more credit? How do you do it the right way? Herman Dolce ( Haitian CEO) has gone from a career in social work and working as an executive director and managing a 3 million dollar budget ( while being paid a base salary) to last year securing more than 50 million dollars in credit funding for his clients. There are so many questions about how to properly lock in funding through credit and we are going to get right into it! We’ll talk about:

The Business Credit Blueprint : What the approach should be of a newer business when seeking to get funding to expand their operations, buy equipment, and free up more capital to grow their reach.

Using OPM & Profiting From Your Genius : How To Use Other People’s Money while you establish, fund, and operate your business to profit and build a legacy.

The True Purpose Of LLC’s : Why having more than one LLC at a time can be used as a tool to help you build into your ability to have a bigger vision and acquire more funding from financial institutions.

Lines of Credit Vs. Credit Cards : The truth about what it takes to secure lines of credit from multiple sources and why credit cards can be helpful to your plans to build a relationship with banks.

and so much more!

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10:39 Fifty Million In Funding

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What Is Social Proof? (How to Increase Conversions And Boost Sales)

Social proof is one of the most psychologically profound consumer influencing factors… OK – That’s a bit of a mouthful – but it basically just means that it’s important and can also be really profitable as social proof helps increase conversions, and boost sales.

So what exactly is social proof?

Well, social proof involves showing your potential customers or clients how other people just like them have acted, and provides them with guidance and context for how they should act as well.

This can be done through the use of things like testimonials, reviews, endorsements, case studies, and even building up a large social media following which shows – at least on the surface – that your business is something worth paying attention to.

Here are 5 easy ways to quickly level up your social proof game so you can prove to the world that you’ve really got something good to offer.

1. Always use positive social proof

When including social proof you always want to highlight the positive, and stay away from the negative. So what this means is that rather than drawing attention to the number of people that didn’t do something, you want to instead focus on the people that did. Focus on the positive and you’ll experience better conversions and more sales.

2. Use Pictures

A picture really does tell a thousand words. And when it comes to social proof it may be even more than that, especially when you’re using testimonials. Maybe it’s the fact that some unscrupulous companies make up testimonials, or maybe it’s just that we don’t relate as well to just seeing words on a page. But whatever the case, you want to be sure to include a picture or even better, a video, of your happy customer whenever possible. It humanizes the testimonial and adds an element of trust that words just can’t do alone.

3. Keep it relevant

Whenever you’re including social proof you want to be sure to keep it as relevant as possible. This means using testimonials from customers that best match whoever it is you’re trying to attract, or using similar case studies or examples to the product or service you’re trying to promote.

4. Low social proof is a bad idea

If you haven’t yet reached a point where you’ve managed to build up a long list of happy customers, you haven’t been referenced, quoted, or interviewed, and you haven’t yet built up a community of followers or subscribers, have no fear, you can start accumulating these beacons of social proof today and have an impressive resume of testimonials and references in the next couple weeks. But until then, you need to understand that low social proof is worse than having no social proof at all. So wait until you have at least a few testimonials before posting them on your website, or a thousand or so social media followers, before you draw attention to your page.

5. Easy sources of social proof

If you haven’t yet made building up social proof a key part of your businesses marketing strategy, don’t worry, now is as good a time as ever to get started. By far the best place to start is by asking your previous customers or clients for testimonials. If you’ve done a good job most will be more than happy to provide an endorsement, and some may even make a quick video for you which is even better. Once that’s done, it’s time to look through your certifications, awards, or any associations you may be a part of that you could display on your websites home or about page. After that, head over to social media and choose the one channel that your customers are most active on, and make interacting with them there a part of your daily routine. When you combine all these you’ll quickly build up a powerful collection of social proof which is all but guaranteed to help build your business.

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